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Arcade Game Systems

A blast from the past with these already configured video game systems.

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Retro Arcade Game Board

Over 950 vertical arcade video games built in.

Made to hang on your wall and compliment our Digital Movie Boards

Retro Arcade Game Kit

The same 950 vertical arcade video games, video game system and controllers that come on our Retro Arcade Game Board. Made to connect to your own TV.

Arcade Game Systems

Let's travel back in time and relive our favorite childhood moments.

Video game systems are a great way to spend some family time together. Today's games are so focused on theatrical cinematics showing off the powerful capabilities of todays modern videos cards that playing them are more like watching a movie. There is no soul in today's games.

Based on the popular and freely available Emulation Station software our game systems are designed for a few things:

1: Play retro arcade and home video games from our childhood.

2: Look super cool on modern TV displays.

3: Compliment your living room, theater room, game room, or any other room in your home without taking up the space that a cabinet normally takes up.

Our Retro Arcade Game Board is a 950 retro arcade game coin-op system that plays old school arcade games onto a vertical display screen. Meant to compliment our Digital Movie Boards the Retro Arcade Game Board is built around the same Samsung 4K display and hangs on your wall and takes up no floor space. Fully configured with 950 built in games and with 1 wired game controller you will be up and running in no time.

Our Retro Arcade Game Kit is the same arcade game system that comes with our Retro Arcade Game Board but you plug it into your own TV. Super affordable and fun the Retro Arcade Game Kit comes with the same 1 wired controller and 950 games as the Retro Arcade Game Board already configured out of the box. Attach it to your own TV, rotate your TV to vertical, and enjoy.

Our Retro Arcade Game Board and Retro Arcade Game Kit runs on a freely available software called Emulation Station and Verti-Pi. We install and configure this software on our framed Samsung displays for a polished and finished look. We don't own the software or make any guarantees on it's use. We have minimal support for this, though there are many YouTube videos showing in-depth videos on the full capability of this software. We encourage you to research on-line before making any purchases.

The specs:

  • Raspberry Pi 4 SBC

  • All aluminum premium Flirc case

  • 43" or 55" Samsung 4K LED panel

  • Choice of 6 real wood frames 

  • 16,000 color LED light strip mounted in aluminum chase and covered with a diffuser for a beautiful halo backlight effect (on the Retro Arcade Game Board)

  • Includes wall mount (on the Retro Arcade Game Board)

  • Emulation Station software for rock solid video gaming performance

  • Includes 1 wired controller



Dimensions: (on the Retro Arcade Game Board)

(55" version): 31.25" wide / 51.75" tall / 3.50" wall to front

( 43" version ): 26" wide / 42" tall

Retro Arcade Game Board 43" or 55" Version: $1800.00

Retro Arcade Game Kit: $499.99

Retro Arcade Game Board freight shipping on a pallet is the only method of shipping we will ship these boards. The Retro Arcade Game Kit will ship via FedEx or UPS. Please call us when placing your order. 

Make small affordable monthly payments with Affirm and AfterPay. Choose at checkout.


900 Vertical Retro Arcade Game Kit.

Wall mounted Retro Arcade Game Board next to our Digital Movie Boards.

Not our video. We found this YouTuber that has created a pretty thorough video on setting up the Emulation Station Vertical Arcade software. 

Frame style availability

All of our frames are hand built and made from real wood. Due to increasing demand on certain frame styles we cannot guarantee that any particular frame style will remain in stock. We do occassionaly run out of frame styles and will substitute for another similar style frame automatically and sometimes we cannot update our website fast enough if orders have already been placed. It is best if you call us direct if you must have a particular frame style.

Brushed Silver


Brushed Steel Neon Red

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Neon Red.png

Brushed Steel Neon Orange

Brushed Steel Neon Blue

Brushed Steel Neon Purple

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Neon Blue.png
Neon Purple.png
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