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Retro Arcade Game Board

900 vertical arcade video games built in.

Made to hang on your wall and compliment our Digital Movie Boards

Premium game board made by hand for higher end home cinemas. Designed to compliment our Digital Movie Boards this Retro Arcade Game Board includes 900 original coin-operated vertical style video games from our past. Built on the popular Emulation Station software everything is configured to work out of the box. Our Retro Arcade Game Board is built around a 55"4K Samsung TV and wrapped in a real wood frame and includes an LED light strip in an aluminum conduit behind the frame. Control the LED strip with your smartphone with the downloadable app. All mounting hardware are 3D printed for perfect fit and finish. Even the wall mount is included. Just hang on your wall and power up. 1 wired game controller is included and plugs into 3D printed USB ports on the lower part of the frame.

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