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Operating Instructions & Videos

Get the most out of your Digital Movie Board products. Watch these tutorials and learn about all the features of our movie boards.


DMB Pro Movie Poster App

Tutorial video on the use and operation of the DMB Pro Movie Poster App.
NOTE* Newer versions of the app may have been released as of the making of this tutorial, though the core features are covered here.


Retro Arcade Game Board

900 retro arcade video games is quite a lot of games. Here you can watch some tutorials on how to use the Retro Arcade Game Board.


Unboxing video of the accessory box of our 55" and 43" digital movie board models.

Let's take a deep dive and see what comes in the digital movie board accessory box.


Unboxing video of the DMP-02 media player and accessory box

Watch a video of us unboxing the accessory box for our Digital Movie Boards and our DMP-02 media player.

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