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Our Policies

Before placing any orders you are highly encouraged to do some research on any product you intend to purchase from us. All our products are hand built to each customer at the time their order is placed - or soon afterward if in a que. If you have any questions that you don't find an answer to in the descriptions please call us direct and we will attempt to answer them for you.

Please read the following set of policies we have and know that if you make a purchase from Digital Movie Boards llc we automatically assume that you have read this entire page and have agreed to our policies. 


All orders are pre-paid in full before starting any build. 

Cancellations and refunds

Digital Movie Boards llc does not accept cancellations of any orders either before the item ships or while it is still in the build process. Please be absolutely clear and understanding of this. Once you place your order it cannot be cancelled or refunded. It is understood that you have done your research and asked all questions prior to placing your order.

"Your item does not work with my ..." or "I didn't know that"

Every purchaser must do his part to fully research the product and how he will utilize it in his home. Please call us and ask any and all questions and we will try our best to answer them for you. Keep in mind that there are literally millions of possibilities of how one can connect and use our products and we have no way of knowing each and every one of those possibilities. It is completely up to each user to research the product before the purchase is made.


All our digital movie boards and DMP-02 media players have a 6 month warranty against any manufactures defects. The user will ship back the part and we will replace it. Shipping the part back to us is the responsibility of the user along with the cost. We will pay for the return cost to ship.


All movie board orders are shipped out on a pallet via LTL Trucks. Pricing is determined solely by the shipping company, as well as shipping times. Any delays are also determined by several factors and delivery scheduled times can be impacted. All movie boards come with transportation insurance in case of damage. If any damage is visible upon recieving your movie boards WHILE STILL ON THE TRUCK you must deny delivery and call us immediately while the driver is still there. We can then begin the insurance claim. You will need 2 people to remove the pallet from the delivery truck. DO NOT ASK FOR A LIFT GATE. The delivery companies charge for a liftgate use and if you ask for a liftgate you will be charged the rate used by the delivery company.

Insurance Claims

All movie boards that are damaged during shipping will be covered by insurance only if the rules for filing a claim are followed exactly. The shipping company handles the insurance claims. Digital Movie Boards has no part in the insurance claims other than to mediate the claim. The rules are that the user must inspect pallet for any exterior damage and tak pictures of the damage. The user is also encouraged to take pictures of the pallet on the truck and off the truck even if no apparent damage is visible. We will need to see, in pictures, how the pallet arrived as well as the condition of items on pallet.

The main rule of thumb is to tale a lot of pictures. Claim times can take up to 3 months. The user also agrees to let the process take it's course no matter how long. NOTE: the user agrees to NOT FILE ANY CLAIMS AGAINST DIGITAL MOVIE BOARDS for damages. Digital Movie Boards is not liable for any transport damages and the purchaser must agree to this. 

Build Times

We have many builds happening concurrently at any time. All fully paid orders are placed in a build que and will begin the build process when it is their turn. We cannot guarantee any build times but we do run about 3 weeks on average. 

Software Updates and Upgrades

Starting with our new DMB OS software we expect to provide free software bug fixes. These fixes may include not only over-the-air updates but could include having to send us back your media player for the updates. Software updates will be looked into as we recieve feedback from users. There is no set time frame on when and how we release software updates. We do plan on releasing software updates on a "performance impacting" fix first. Software upgrades are not the same as software updates. A software upgrade is upgrading your software from one type, ie Lite to another software, ie Pro. These software upgrades are not free. They are optional upgrades should the user want to jump from one software to another.

Software Plug-ins

Our new DMB OS "PRO" software is capable of recieving plug-ins that will add new features to your software. We plan on releasing several plug-ins over the course of the software lifetime. Some plug-ins may be free, while others will have a price attached to them. The time frame on releasing any plug-ins, features, updates, etc is on a "it's ready when it's ready" time line.

Being told by a DMB employee when a feature will be released does not constitute a concrete release date. 

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