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Client Submitted Installations

Show off your home cinema, gameroom, man-cave

Our digital movie boards can be found in some very impressive home cinemas around the country and elsewhere... and for good reason.

Meticulous attention to detail can be seen in the products we use like hand built real wood frames, 3D printed mounting hardware, 4K Samsung displays, and our incredible in-house coded software. But still beyond the digital movie boards themselves we have painstakingly built an entire eco-system where a digital movie board owner never needs to look beyond our website to find everything they need to display on their movie board. Custom made movie trailers, movie posters, custom music videos, static and animated upper and lower banners for your posters, featured artists from all over the world sharing exclusive artwork available only to movie board owners, and so much more.

Bottom line is our digital movie boards feel right at home in the best home cinemas.

Share your digital movie board installations here and give inspiration to others that are also on this spectacular journey. Send in your submissions below:

Client Submitted Installations: Text


Client Submitted Installations: Portfolio

Copeland Home Theater / Music Room

What an incredible room. No doubt the sound and picture are amazing is our DMP-02 media player movie poster app running his movie boards.

Client Submitted Installations: Video

Ternes Home Cinema

Hailing from Canada this fantastic client submitted installation of his gameroom / home cinema featuring 2 of our digital movie boards is the reason movie theaters go out of business.

Client Submitted Installations: Video

Albino Home Cinema Tour

Beautiful tour of Mr. Albino's home theater room featuring our digital movie board at the entrance.

Client Submitted Installations: Video

J&J Theater Tour

Fantastic home cinema room and tour featuring our Digital Poster Board "Lite" movie board.

Client Submitted Installations: Video

Music Video Man Cave

Great man cave room featuring 2 of our Ultimate Movie Boards playing music videos.

Client Submitted Installations: Video

Watching PREY

Watching the movie PREY with 3 of our digital movie boards makes for an awesome evening.

Client Submitted Installations: Video

The Incredibles 2

Great movie, awesome movie boards.

Client Submitted Installations: Video

Music Videos

Our movie boards do more than just play movie posters and movie trailers. They also play music videos.

Client Submitted Installations: Video

Various Client Installations

Various installations from clients showing off their digital movie boards and their home theater rooms.

Client Submitted Installations: Video
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