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The DMB OS "PRO" Movie Poster App

DMB OS Movie Poster App: Welcome

Our all new DMB Pro Movie Poster App is a full featured and highly customizable app that allows you to display and control how movie posters, movie trailers, music videos, and other media is displayed on your TV screen. Some of the ways we accomplish this is to first keep the app easy to use. Next we give it the ability to process up to 4K visuals for some amazing looking content. Then we give it the flexibility to be upgraded and updated with additional features called Plug-in's that will always keep your app looking it's best. Use the included DMB Air Remote for fast setup and installation.

Simply connect the DMP-02 Add-on Media Player to your 4K TV or display. Or choose an all-in-one completely built 43" or 55" digital movie board that is ready for you to hang on your wall and enjoy.

Our DMP-02 Media Player and DMB Pro movie poster app is compatible with most Samsung The Frame TV's.

DMB OS Movie Poster App: Text

DMB OS "PRO" Feature Set


  • All new "PRO" version based on our incredible DMB OS software (currently at version 1.2.2).

  • New setup menu page for for fast and easy setting up of your DMB Pro movie poster app.

  • Comes with the DMB Air Remote for fast setup.

  • 4K output resolution!

  • Auto Web-App Launch. Tap your phone to the DMB logo on the frame to automatically launch the Web-App. No more IP addresses.

  • NEW larger upper and lower banners.

  • Play back animated upper and lower banners.

  • User selectable upper and lower movie banners.

  • Toggle the upper and lower banners ON or OFF.

  • Customize upper and lower banners independently between movie posters, Plex, and Kaleidescape.

  • Multiple Display Views. Select unique display views for WEATHER, POSTERS, PLEX, K-SCAPE, ETC.

  • Weather and Forecast view.

  • Automatically download UHD movie posters from

  • Powerful Plug-in Engine. Easily add plug-in's to expand the capability of your movie poster app.

  • PLEX Now Playing Plugin included.

  • KALEIDESCAPE Now Playing Plugin Included.

  • R_volution Now Playing Plug-in included (coming soon).

  • Plex Music Now Playing Plug-in (coming soon).

  • TMPD (The Movie Poster Database) Plugin included.

  • Easily transfer content from phone, tablet, or PC to movie board.

  • Quickly create, rename, delete folders for playback.

  • Play back your media in RANDOM or SEQUENTIAL order.

  • Selectable poster DURATION and FADE times.

  • Upload and playback all kinds of content including Movie Posters, Movie Trailers, Motion Posters, Music Videos, Screensavers, Textless Movie Art, Comic Books, Comic Book Cover Art, Video Game Box Cover Art, and more.

  • Upload your own movie posters, artwork, family pictures.

  • User selectable screen orientation.

  • Multi movie board name feature. 

  • Auto update button. Auto checks for any updates and automatically downloads and installs them.

  • Poster Preview configuration screen. Create your poster and preview your work on your App before sending to poster board.

  • YouTube streaming. Stream YouTube content straight to your board.

  • DMB TV channels. Stream "channels" of our DMB TV channel and watch "How To" videos, "Promo" videos, "DMB News" videos right on your movie board.

  • Quick Stream. Stream YouTube videos super quick.

  • YouTube Presets. Store your favorite YouTube channels for quick playback.

  • My Media Gallery View. View your installed posters and trailers in a grid view for reference.

  • Virtual Remote. On-screen virtual remote control to adjust PLAY/PAUSE, NEXT, PREVIOUS, and more.

  • Skins. Download and customize the look of your WebApp with different skins. (2 included).

  • App works on PC, Smartphone, and Tablets.

  • Compatible with most of Samsung's The Frame TV's.

DMB OS Movie Poster App: List
DMB OS Movie Poster App: Video

DMB Air Remote

The DMB Air Remote comes standard with all DMP-02 Media Kits and complete movie boards. You must be on DMB Pro version 1.2.0 or higher. 
Bluetooth enabled with 6 axis gyroscope for virtual mouse control and programmed to work out of the box with your DMP-02 Media player the DMB Air Remote will assist you in first time setup of your DMB Pro movie poster app by allowing super fast entry of your wi-fi credentials, naming your movie board, calling up information like IP address and system storage, and more.

Air remote.png
DMB OS Movie Poster App: Video
DMB OS Movie Poster App: Video

Movie Poster App "PRO" Tutorial

DMB OS Movie Poster App: Image
gandr-collage (8).jpg

Banners galore!

Our DMB Pro movie poster app can be customized with a huge assortment of ready made upper and lower banners. These banners come in static and animated versions as well as displaying in full color. No other app provides this level of awesome customization.

DMB OS Movie Poster App: Video

Plex Movie Poster Sync

Our DMB OS "PRO" movie poster app has built in Plex now playing movie poster sync.

DMB OS Movie Poster App: Video

Web-App Auto Launch Feature

Automatically launch the app from your phone by simply tapping on the DMB Logo on the bottom part of the frame with your smartphone. No more remembering and typing in IP addresses.

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