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Trade up to the most advanced movie poster app and media player.

You supported us by investing in our products and you have enjoyed them for many years. I humbly thank you for that. Now I offer you my way of saying "Thanks". Trade up your older Ultimate Movie Board media player and software to our newest and most powerful DMB OS movie poster app and DMP-02 media player with either the LITE or PRO software for 50% off my regular price. This breaks down to paying for the new DMP-02 media player but getting the app for free. No need to remove and send in the entire movie board. Just remove the small media player from behind your movie board and mail that to us, along with it's power supply. We will upgrade you with the new DMB OS movie poster app and DMP-02 media player and return it. Plug it back into your movie board and be amazed with some incredible new features.

Any previous versions of our movie boards are eligible for the trade up:

Digital Movie Poster Board

Digital Movie Trailer Board

Ultimate Movie Board

Also illegible for this upgrade are any previous owners of the MovieNow! app. You will need to have your registration license email from when you made your original MovieNow! purchase. 

When ready just call us direct or email us and we will handle the process for you.


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