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DMP-02 Media Player Kit: Welcome

DMP-02 Media Player with our DMB OS "PRO" Movie Poster App pre-installed

Upgrade your own TV to our Digital Movie Poster "Pro"

So you already have a nice big TV and you want the best and easiest way to display all your own video and picture content? Our DMP-02 Media Player is your best solution. Everything is included for you to turn any 4K TV with an HDMI input into our Digital Movie Board "Pro" movie boards. The DMP-02 Media Player comes pre-installed with our DMB OS PRO Movie Poster App. We have made the upper and lower banners larger for more colors and visual appeal. These new larger banners are available for all DMB VIP members to download.

Fully compatible with most of Samsung's The Frame TV's.

$499.99 on sale. Normally $799.99.

DMB OS "Pro" Movie Poster App pre-installed

Use coupon code SILENTSALE at checkout and save $300.00

Extremely limited time only.

International shipping available. Shipping costs are calculated at checkout.

Comes with 128gb of storage.


Add to your cart, or call us direct at 210-663-3146

The specs:

  • All new DMB OS "PRO" version 1.1.2 software (5/5/2024).

  • Includes 600 UHD movie posters of varying genres.

  • Larger upper and lower banners for more colors and visual appeal.

  • Plex Plugin included.

  • TMPD (The Movie Poster Database) Plugin included.

  • Kaleidescape Plugin included.

  • 4K output resolution!

  • New generation 8-core 64-bit processor.

  • Full time UHD 4K output thru HDMI connection on 4K TV's.

  • High quality 10ft 4K HDMI cable.

  • High quality 1.5ft 4K HDMI cable.

  • Screen cleaner spray + 2 micro fiber cleaning clothes to keep your display clean.

  • 2 NFC tags to add to your TV to auto-launch the WebApp

  • Magnet mounting plate and strong neodymium magnet for mounting to rear of TV's.

  • Compatible with most of Samsung's The Frame TV's.

Please disable any CEC-HDMI control settings on your TV BEFORE connecting the upgrade kit, and do NOT connect to an HDMI input labeled ARC-HDMI. 

*NOTE ON Wi-Fi SIGNAL STRENGTH: For solid performance all our products are recommended to be installed using a direct hard line connection via a CAT5 or CAT6 cable to your network or router. We cannot guarantee that our products will work reliably with your home Wi-Fi system. Limited coverage, slow data speeds, home and wall construction, and more play a vital role in how much signal actually makes it to the boards.

DMP-02 Media Player Kit: Products
DMP-02 Media Player Kit: Pro Gallery
DMP-02 Media Player Kit: Image

Movie Poster "PRO" App Tutorial

Make the most out of your new Movie Poster "PRO" App with this in depth tutorial detailing all the features and capabilities of this flagship app.

DMP-02 Media Player Kit: Video

Digital Movie Poster Add-on Kit

The fastest way to level up your home theater, home cinema, game room, office, etc. Add our DMP-02 Add-on Kit to any TV and instantly take your home theater to the next level. The DMP-02 Media Player comes preinstalled with our awesome DMB OS "Pro" movie poster app. Customize, upload, and display your content with our desktop management software, even customize the upper and lower Now Playing banners.

DMP-02 Media Player Kit: Video

Movie Banners - animated and static

Our DMB OS Movie Poster App "PRO" has many cool and unique features but perhaps the most stand out feature is the ability to add up to 2 animated or non-animated movie banners to your movie board above and below the movie poster. Several banners are included in the "PRO" app for you to choose from, and even more are available for download.
DMB OS Pro version 1.1.1 adds larger sized upper and lower banners for better visuals.

DMP-02 Media Player Kit: Video

May 5, 2024 Ver 1.1.2 DMB Pro

The latest version of our movie poster app "DMB PRO" software currently is at version 1.1.2.
This version adds larger sized upper and lower banners for better visuals, as well as fix some GUI issues.

DMB Pro.png
DMP-02 Media Player Kit: Video
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