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Holiday Season and Orders.

The holiday season is already upon us. Orders will start to arrive fast and plenty, and build times and shipping delivery times will be extended. Typically we run around a constant 3 - 4 weeks out due to demand but during the holidays we can see up to 8 weeks to build and ship during the peak times. Please plan accordingly if you need your movie boards sooner rather than later. We cannot guarantee any build times. I would suggest to place your order as soon as possible to reserve your spot in the build que.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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The most advanced interactive digital movie boards for your home theater


Digital Poster Board "Lite"

Our all new Digital Poster "Lite" movie board sets the standard. Play back 1000's of perfectly sized movie posters, movie artwork, and a whole lot more. With a large and ever growing selection of animated and non-animated upper and lower banners this poster board will grab your attention and not let go!

Dmp ad_Moment.jpg

Digital Poster Board "Pro"

Our Digital Poster Board "Pro" movie board is our top of the line model. Play back movie posters, movie artwork, custom movie trailers, music videos, screensavers, and so much more. We have an entire DIGITAL DOWNLOADS section for users to download and grow their movie board library.


DMP-02 Add-on Kit

Everything you need to add our Digital Poster Board "Lite" or "Pro" to your own TV. Just plug our DMP-02 add-on kit to any TV and instantly you have all the same capabilities of our Digital Poster Board.

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Latest News

It's here!

Digital Poster Board "Lite" or Lite for short. It may have the word Lite in it's name but there's no shortage of features.

If all you need is movie posters playback with customizable upper and lower banners then this is where we should have just stopped. But no.... we also included the ability to turn on or off the upper and lower banners, upload a variety of different types of upper and lower banners, as well as display animated upper and lower banners, multi image upload capability, and a modern UI.


We have officially retired our previous DMP-01 Media Player and OS that powered our now legacy Ultimate Movie Boards. Farewell my friend. You have served us well for years. 

Our new OS Version 7.0 on up requires a lot more horsepower than our previous model could deliver so we have upgraded to our new more powerful DMP-02 Media Player. With 16 GB of RAM, 8 Cortex CPU cores, and a dedicated ARM Mali video engine that outputs 4K full time this thing is a freakin speed demon! We now have the processing power to do some extremely cool things with our movie boards.

Check out the new media player on our DMP-02 Add-on kit, and on our Digital Poster Board "Lite".


NEW! Featured Artist Artwork

You've seen their artwork on Social Media pages. Now we have partnered with these amazing artists to bring their artwork to your Digital Movie Boards. Download their artwork here: Featured Artist Artwork


Official Merchandise Store

Get your swag on with official Digital Movie Boards merchandise. Show off your awesome movie boards and look cool doing it.

gandr-collage (1).jpg

Downloadable Content

We have a ton of movie trailers, music videos, movie posters, movie artwork, Animated  and static movie banners, and so much more for you to add to your movie board and keep them fresh. Go to the Digital Downloads section.


Digital Movie Boards Instruction Tutorials

Learn how to take advantage of properly connecting and using the digital movie boards with these tutorials here:

Digital Movie Board Instructions


Affirm Financing

Get your shopping done all at once and pay back in small easy payments. Just select AFFIRM at checkout. 

 *Payment options through Affirm are subject to an eligibility check and are provided by these lending partners:


Home Cinema Gurus Facebook Page

I am one of the moderators at the Facebook Home Cinema Gurus page. If you are on Facebook then this is a valuable place of information.

Home Cinema Gurus

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New Dealer and Investment Opportunities

Do you love our products? Would you love to see us grow and provide more products, better products, and faster support? 
Are you a Home Theater installation company and you just know that selling our products would be a game changer for you? 
I want to talk to you!
Email us and let's begin an incredible journey to sell a fantastic product that is not offered by anyone else in the market.
Contact us today.

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Opening Hours

By appointment only. Schedule a visit with us.

Mon - Fri: 10am - 4pm
Sat: Closed
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