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The most advanced Digital Interactive Movie Boards

The most advanced and flexible movie board on the market. Designed for upper end home cinemas these movie boards are hand built in house in San Antonio, Texas in partnership with our sister company JD Smarthome for a luxurious product that is easily upgradable with new features providing a long life. The magic is the custom in-house written OS that powers these beautiful boards. No other product gives you the simplicity of "hang it on the wall and power on". No extra cables to run, no other PC's running in another room, no computer programming. Just hang it on the wall, power it on, and start enjoying your new movie board. Everything is pre-programmed to work out of the box. Want more control? Our movie boards include a free webAPP that is compatible with any iPhone or Android phone and tablet. Control many functions like NEXT, PREVIOUS, STOP, PLAY, PAUSE, and more. It's a technological tour de force.


The Ultimate Digital Movie Board

The mother of all movie boards!
Plays movie posters, custom movie trailers, custom music videos, artwork, movie art, comic books, screensavers, and so much more.


Digital Movie Poster Board "Lite"
Newly Upgraded

Display 1000's of movie and locally stored. Now with WebApp and user selectable movie banners.
Early Pre-release available now.


Digital Arcade Game Board

Play over 800 original coin-operated games from our childhood arcade.
Comes with 2 wired retro game controllers.

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Latest News

Digital Movie Boards llc offers a variety of top quality products at great prices. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, so if there’s anything you’d like to request or suggest we carry, please let us know.


Affirm Financing

Get your shopping done all at once and pay back in small easy payments.


Back In Stock

SONOS Amps back in stock.

New Denon 8K AVR's and JVC 8K Laser projectors in stock now.


Dealer Information

Interested in becoming a Digital Movie Boards dealer? What are you waiting for?

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Our merchandise store is now open!

Check out our merchandise store for some cool T-shirts, hoodies, and more. 

Every purchase will help to further fund every aspect of Digital Movie Boards....the products, software, media content...everything. 

Be a cool kid. Help us out. Wear some of our bling.

Home Page: Products

Home Theater Gear


From 4K - 8K Laser projectors, to Dolby Atmos AV Recievers to whole house audio to remote controls. We have the best gear out there. New, sealed, and with full factory warranty.

Digital Downloads


This is the place to get premade content for your movie posters, movie trailers, movie artwork, movie banners, and more.

Movie Board Upgrade Kit


Self contained upgrade kit that turns your own TV into our Ultimate Movie Board. Preloaded with content and pretested to work out of the box.

Custom Accessories


Cool custom made accessories for your home theater room and / or lobby. We will laser etch your logo, name, or favorite phrase for a personalized touch.

Opening Hours

By appointment only. Schedule a visit with us.

Mon - Fri: 10am - 4pm
Sat: Closed
Sun: Closed

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