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Authorized DMB accessories

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DMB Air Remote

Used for first time setup of your digital movie board, can access special menu page on movie board to enter wi-fi credentials, name movie board, check on IP address, connect to the internet, and more. Bluetooth enabled. 6 point gyro-axis control. 

For DMB Pro app version 1.2.0 and up only.



SONOS Beam Soundbar

Your Digital Movie Boards sounds great with the built in speakers, but adding a SONOS Beam soundbar takes it to a whole new level. Music Videos sound like a concert, motion posters thunder, you can even stream internet radio stations when used with the SONOS app.



SONOS Beam Wall Mount

Sturdy wall mount for your SONOS Beam soundbar.



10" x 10" Recessed Box

10" x 10" recessed panel. Has cutouts for electrical power. Keep your cables and power supplies wrapped and hidden neatly behind your movie boards.

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