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Using the WebApp to control your board

You can control your Ultimate Movie Board in 2 different ways... by your phone/tablet or by any connected PC, laptop, or Mac that is on the same network. Both ways are shown here. Start by scanning the QR code that appears on the INFO BAR on the lower part of the board screen as shown in the previous section. The WebApp appears on your phone. If you want to control your board via any PC then in your computers SEARCH bar enter the board's IP address this way // (notice the //. If you enter \\ then you will go into the Ultimate Movie Board folders. If you enter // then you access the control from your PC).


The HOME Screen

Start here to control your board, turn SHUFFLE PLAY on or off, and more.



Choose what media and folders you want to display on your Ultimate Movie Board.


The STORE Screen

Browse and purchase content from our store.

Using The WebApp: Customer Service


Make changes to many aspects of your Ultimate Movie Board.


The UPLOAD Screen

An easy way to create folders and upload your own images to the board.



Need some help? Look here.

Using The WebApp: Customer Service
Screenshot (52).png

Open Your Computer Search Bar

In your computers SEARCH bar you will enter your Ultimate Movie Boards IP address using 2 FORWARD SLASH's. 
Ex. // If you enter BACK SLASH's you will access the boards folder structure.

Screenshot (53).png

Select Your Browser

You may be prompted to choose a browser. If so select a browser of your choice.

Screenshot (51).png

Control Your Board

Your browser will open to display the exact same WebApp that you can access with your phone. Controlling your board this way is an easy and fast way to quickly control and make changes to your board.

Using The WebApp: Customer Service
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