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Transferring media to your board

Screenshot (45).png

Open the SEARCH bar

On your PC or Mac open your SEARCH bar. You will be searching your network for your board. Enter the IP address of your board as follows (use YOUR IP address): \\

Enter the Password

A dialog box appears asking for a USER NAME and a PASSWORD. Enter "pi" for both the user name and password - do not use parenthesis. You can choose to save the user name and password so you don't have to enter it every time.

Screenshot (46).png
Screenshot (47).png

The Ultimate Movie Board folders

You are now in your Ultimate Movie Board folder. There are 2 folders: LOGS and POSTERS. Do not open the LOGS folder. Only open the POSTERS folder to access your boards media.

Transferring Media: Customer Service
Screenshot (48).png

Create or delete folders, content, etc

Here you will see all the current folders in the Ultimate Movie Board PLAYLIST. Here you can create new folders, delete folders, open and search content, etc.

Your content

Opening a folder reveals the media inside that folder that your board plays.

Screenshot (49).png
Screenshot (50).png

Drag and drop

From your PC or Mac open your folder that contains your pictures, movies, posters, etc. Select your content from your PC and drag over to the appropriate folder on your Ultimate Movie Board. Once all your content has been transferred it will appear on your PLAYLIST.

Transferring Media: Customer Service

The WebApp Playlist

You will see your new folder in your WebApp Playlist and is ready to be selected for playback on your Ultimate Movie Board.

Transferring Media: Customer Service
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