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Movie Poster Board Upgrade kit

Upgrade your own TV to the Ultimate Movie Board

So you already have a nice big TV or maybe even a store front and you want the best and easiest way to display all your own video and picture content? Our Ultimate Movie Board Upgrade Kit is your best solution. Everything is included for you to turn any TV with an HDMI input into our Ultimate Movie Board. Whether you use it for your own home theater or for your store, office, doesn't matter. Our UMBU-01 upgrade kit gives you endless possibilities to display all the media you want. 



Add to your cart, or call us direct at 210-663-3146

The Specs:

  • Upgraded 4 core CPU with 8 gigs of RAM

  • 128 gigs of built in storage

  • USB 2.0 ports for adding additiong storage via USB drives

  • Desktop style sleek aluminum alloy case

  • Built in fan for cool operation and long life

  • Dimension: 4.25 x 3.94 x 1.42 inches

  • Includes 6ft hdmi cable, micro HDMI to standard HDMI adapter, power adapter

  • Preloaded with hundreds of movie poster, movie trailers, and more.

*NOTE*... Please note that while the Ultimate Movie Board and the Upgrade Kit both have built in Wi-Fi capabilities we strongly recommend using a direct hard line connection via a CAT-5 or CAT-6 cable to your network or router. We cannot guarantee the movie boards and upgrade kits will work reliably with your home Wi-Fi system. Limited coverage, slow data speeds, home and wall construction, and more play a vital role in how much signal actually makes it to the boards. If you are using only the ISP modem/router for wi-fi we recommend upgrading to a new wi-fi access point. We sell the eeros wi-fi access points in our store and highly recommend them if you have any wi-fi issues.

Also please disable any CEC-HDMI control settings on your TV BEFORE connecting the upgrade kit, and do NOT connect to an HDMI input labled ARC-HDMI. 

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