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Ultimate Movie Board: Image

Ultimate Movie Board

Available in 3 sizes: 55", 50", and 43"
The mother of all movie boards. The Ultimate Movie Board plays everything!

The Mother of all movie boards. Our Ultimate Movie Board is an incredible tour de force of technology and software. Using proprietary software developed in house this movie board will never dissappoint. Display our movie trailers, movie posters, HD artwork, HD screensavers, upload your own media, create folders, pick any mix of media for playback, add random play, control with the included webAPP. This board does it all. Purchase additional movie trailers, movie posters, animated movie posters, screensavers, HD artwork, and more. Join the Ultimate Movie Board on-line community and create, upload, and share your own content with other Ultimate Movie Board users from around the country. Completely upgradable with new content that you purchase from our on-line store. And since we know you want the best features from your Ultimate Movie Board we made it directly compatible with any SONOS soundbar for crisp and clear hi-fidelity audio! Your Ultimate Movie Board will always have new features and content keeping it the best movie board in the world.

PLEASE NOTE: The Ultimate Movie Board does NOT do upper and lower banners automatically. This board will show the entire poster as it was meant with correct aspect ratio with a blur effect behind the poster to fill in the black portions, or can be expanded to fill the entire screen with minimal stretching. You can also photoshop banners on the movie posters (as shown) to create your own upper and lower banners manually. Movie banners can be downloaded from our Digital Download section to use when making your own.

The specs:

  • Upgraded 4-core CPU with built in 128 gigs of storage (expandable to 256 gigs)

  • 55", 50", or 43" Samsung 4K LED TV panel

  • 5 different real wood frame styles to choose from

  • 16,000 color LED light strip mounted in aluminum chase and covered with a diffusser for a beautiful halo backlight effect

  • Includes thin design Movie Board wall mount

  • Includes 3D printed media player wall mount for more mounting choices and improved wi-fi signal


( 55" version ): 31.25" wide / 51.75" tall / 3.50" deep... wall to front of frame.

( 50" version ): 29.25" wide / 48.75" tall / 3.50" deep... wall to front of frame.

( 43" version ): 26" wide / 42" tall.

Due to how thin the Samsung display is the Media Player is an external unit only and not attached to the rear of the TV. This 43" Samsung display is an upgraded version of the 50" and 55" models and therefore carries a higher price.

Compatible with Apple iOS, Android, Windows, MAC

55" version: $2000.00

50" version: $1900.00

43" version: $2000.00

Comes standard with 128 gigs of on-board storage. Upgrade to 256 gigs for an additional $75.00

Comes with the standard plastic case Media Player with built in fan cooling. Upgrade to the premium Argon v2 all aluminum case for an additional $75.00




We ship anywhere in the United States. Shipping is via pallet and freight shipping. Shipping starts at $250.00 and can go up depending on distance, number of units, and total weight of pallet. Shipping price is determined by shipping carrier. Please call for a shipping estimate to your location.

*NOTE*... Please note that while the Ultimate Movie Board and the Upgrade Kit both have built in Wi-Fi capabilities we strongly recommend using a direct hard line connection via a CAT-5 or CAT-6 cable to your network or router. We do not support or guarantee the movie board and upgrade kits will work reliably with your home Wi-Fi system. Limited coverage, slow data speeds, home and wall construction, and more play a vital role in how much signal actually makes it to the boards. 

Ultimate Movie Board: Products

Current List Of Features

Our proprietary software is a constantly evolving technological tour de force. Developed in house our software is second to none. Easily upgradable with new features to add additional capabilities to our Ultimate Movie Board it will never become obsolete. 

Current list of features as of July 2022:

  • Version 2.0 Release. Unified-OS ready.

  • Comes with standard plastic case for the media player.

  • Upgrade to the Argon v2 premium all aluminum case for the media player.

  • Comes with a 3D printed wall mount for the media player for different mounting choices and for improved wi-fi performance.

  • Comes with thin movie board wall mount.

  • 5 different real wood frame styles to choose from.

  • Built-in Wi-fi.

  • Built-in Bluetooth.

  • 128 gigs of built in storage. Upgradable to 256 gigs.

  • Playback content from USB connected drives.

  • Compatible with SONOS soundbars.

  • WebApp control via any browser, smartphone, tablet, or PC / Mac.

  • Play locally stored movie posters, movie trailers, motion posters, or most any other media.

  • Easily create folders for additional content.

  • Drag content from your PC to the Ultimate Movie Board with ease.

  • Create folders for "Now Playing", "Family Vacation", "Coming Soon", "Halloween Fright Night", etc.

  • Pick any folder from the WebApp PLAYLIST for immediate playback.

  • True Shuffle Play.

  • Control many functions of the board thru the WebApp like, NEXT, PREVIOUS, PLAY, PAUSE, PLAYLIST selection from phone, and more.

  • Control functions like Slideshow duration and transition times, Video settings, Image settings, rotate entire OS without physically rotating board, and more.

  • Software is actually supported by a team of developers that have real world coding experience.

Ultimate Movie Board: Products

Enjoy Now, Pay Later

Take your Ultimate Movie Board home with you today and start enjoying it fast. Apply for a Affirm account and get small manageable monthly payments. It's easy and it's fast.

Just select Affirm at checkout.

Ultimate Movie Board: Image

Media Player and Media Player wall mounts

Standard Media Player


All movie boards come with the Standard Media Player with 128gb of on-board storage capacity. Small, compact, and made of plastic with a built in fan to keep your media player running cool. Can be mounted directly to the rear of the TV or on the wall with the included 3D printed wall mount. Wall mounting can improve wi-fi signal strength and improve over-all stability in most cases.

Upgraded Media Player


Upgrade the Standard Media Player to the premium Argon v2 aluminum case. Made of aluminum and designed to be mounted externally on a desk, shelf, or on the wall with the included 3D printed wall mount accessory. A beautiful premium case for a premium Movie Board. Includes 10 ft HDMI cable and 3D printed wall mount.

Add $75.00.

Included 3D printed media player wall mounts


Each movie board comes with a 3D printed wall mount for the included media player. This will give the user more mounting options and can improve wi-fi signal strength by mounting the media player higher up behind the TV.

Ultimate Movie Board: Products

Frame styles

Brushed Silver

Brushed Silver.jpg

Brushed Black

Brushed Black.jpg


Ultimate Movie Board: Products

Frame styles



Minimalist White

Ultimate Movie Board: Products
Ultimate Movie Board: Video
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