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Give Us Your Feedback

Your opinions really matter to me. How I structure the company, the products, and the operations can only be improved on by receiving feedback from you.
Please take 5 minutes from your day and answer these few questions. At the end of your survey I will give you a $10.00 coupon to use on anything in our store. 
Remember that the only way for this company, and your favorite products, to grow is with good feedback.
Thank you very much - JD

What is your source movie player?
Is our DMP-02 media player price a good value given it's current and upcoming features?
Are our complete digital movie boards a good value given their build quality and features?
Would you rather create your own content ( movie trailers, music videos, etc) for your Movie Poster "PRO" App or would you rather purchase and download already created content from our store?
Even with tutorials and videos available how important is it to you to have full time tech support available?
If we were to provided expanded tech support how would you feel about scheduling a tech support phone call for a certain time and day of the week as opposed to regular business days and hours?
Survey: Feedback Form
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