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Movie Board software is out of beta testing. Now a RC (Release Candidate)
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MovieNow App, new features, and roadmap
In Digital Movie Boards Forum
Oct 29, 2022
October 29, 2022 Our new MovieNow Poster Board and Digital Download software is about to be released in just a few short weeks. I've decided to lay out our pricing models, features, and roadmap. So let's start from scratch. We have 3 Digital Movie Boards in our inventory..... The Ultimate Movie Board, The Arcade Game Board, and the MovieNow Poster Board. The Ultimate Movie Board is the big one. It plays movie posters, movie trailers, motion posters, videos, and more. The Arcade Game Board plays 900 original coin-operated video games from the 80's. The MovieNow Poster Board plays movie posters but no videos. So let's concentrate on the MovieNow Poster Board. We have been working the last several months in cleaning the code of the MovieNow app and building new features on top of the software. The goal of this MovieNow Poster Board and the Digital Download version is to have a premium, polished app that just works, is easy to use, and has features that are usefull while not bloating or overcomplicating operation. I believe we have a massive winner here! The current list of features are as follows ( some features may change before final release): * The MovieNow Poster app will be available on our MovieNow Poster Boards as a complete all-in-one solution just like our Ultimate Movie Board, as well as a Digital Download version for users to purchase on-line, download, and install on their hardware. * It will play movie posters, movie artwork, custom artwork, and all other static media from our website. The MovieNow Poster App does not play video content. That part is handled by our Ultimate Movie Board. * The MovieNow Poster App will have user selectable upper and lower banners. These banners will also be defeatable when you want to display full screen 9:16 content. * The MovieNow Poster App webcontrol will be completely revamped and updated and will be very modern looking and easy to use. * You will now be able to rotate the software for different screen orientations. * You will be able to create and name many folders for new content, and you can easily delete folders as well. * You will be able to purchase content from our store to use on your MovieNow Poster App. Content includes posters, art paks, movie art paks, comic book paks, banners, and more. Easily drag and drop. * You will be able to connect USB thumb drives for additional storage, as well as using most NAS drives. * The MovieNow Poster App will be able to point to certain URL's for displaying on-line content. The URL's will point to our content as it will have to be optimized for the boards. This feature will become extremely powerful as we can now stream content to your movie board that is optimized and will not take away storage space. FANTASTIC! * Kodi and Plex movie poster sync will be standard but will always remain as "experimental". This is because KODI and Plex are very dependent on your hardware, devices, and operating systems. * Kalaidecape poster sync will be a built-in addon that will need to be purchased to be unlocked. * A beautiful and easy to use webapp will allow for control of your movie board. * An "Info Bar" will show various info like IP Address, memory usage, and a bit more. * The MovieNow Poster App will have direct SONOS music integration allowing for a Now Playing screen to show what music you are listening to on your board when you have a SONOS music system in your home. FANTASTIC! * Apple iWatch smartwatch control of your board is included. Control basic functions and playlist selection from your wrist. FANTASTIC! * Built-in wifi and direct LAN connection built in with an all-new easy to use wizard to connect the board to your wifi. * The MovieNow Poster App will run only on a Raspberry Pi 4. It may work on other models but we will only support and warranty the software when installed on the recommended hardware. Pricing: The complete all-in-one MovieNow Poster Board will sell for $1700.00 and will come with a coupon code good for 3 months of free content for your board. The Digital Download version will cost $150.00 and will come with a 3 month subscription for free downloads valued at $150.00 thereby zeroing out the cost of the board. If you are a owner of the older MovieNow app you will get a free upgrade and a coupon code for 30 days free downloads. The Kalaidescape plug-in will cost $100.00. So that is pretty much it. More info will follow in the coming days and weeks so stay tuned to our social media pages and here on the Digital Movie Boards forum. JD
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