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DMB OS "Pro" Plug-in's

One of the unique features of our DMB OS movie poster app is it's incredible flexibility in being able to have features developed and added to the "Pro" version. 
This page will list all available and up coming plug-in's that we are developing. This list is not a concrete list and may change at any time. 
Some plug-in's will carry a purchase price while others will be free.

Plug-ins: Text

K-Scape Plug-in

Available now

Our Kaleidescape plug-in allows the now playing movie poster to be automatically displayed on your movie board.

Multiple "Display Views" will give you the option to choose how you want your Kaleidescape movie poster to be displayed.

Detailed View will show you a detailed account of the movie, actors, rating, genre, etc displayed along with the currently playing movie poster.

Overlay View will show you a full screen poster overlayed with the movie details in a semi-transparent view.

Poster View will display only the now playing poster in full screen.

You can toggle the upper banner on or off.

Price: $100.00

Included with the PRO app for free for a limited time only.

kscape jpe.jpg

Zidoo Media Player

Coming Soon

Coming soon
Now Playing movie poster sync.


Dune HD Media Systems

Coming Soon

Coming soon
Now Playing movie poster sync.

Dund HD.jpg

Samsung The Frame TV Update

Available now on PRO version 1.0.4

While not a Plug-in this update will address the new Samsung The Frame TV's with the built in auto-rotation feature that seems to not be defeatable in the TV menu. Using our DMB OS on a auto-rotating Frame TV caused problems when trying to present an image in portrait view.

Plug-ins: Features
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