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Digital Movie Trailer Board

The only Digital Movie Trailer Board that plays 1000's of custom made and personalized movie trailers

The big brother to the Digital Movie Poster Board. The Digital Movie Trailer Board is built to the exact same standards as all our movie boards this beast plays 1000's of custom made movie trailers. Custom made? Yep. Each movie trailer is made in house and personalized with your own theater name, theater logo, or the trailers movie logo. We even include a custom made full screen animated logo of your own home theater. How's that for custom made. There is no other board like it. Comes standard with 50 movie trailers of varying genre's and 1 full screen animated theater logo. Purchase additional movie trailers on our store and easily transfer them to the board by simply adding them to the boards built in and removeable 32 gig USB drive. And just like all our other boards it's as simple as mounting the board on the wall, power on, and start watching movie trailers - with full sound. 

The specs:

  • 4-core CPU with built in 32 gigs of storage

  • 55" Samsung 4K LED panel

  • Real wood frame wrapped in a black or steel stainless finish

  • 16,000 color LED light strip mounted in aluminum chase and covered with a diffusser for a beautiful halo backlight effect

  • Includes wall mount

  • Comes with a varied assortment of 50 movie trailers and 1 full screen animated theater logo


31.25" wide / 51.75" tall / 3.50" wall to front



Frieght shipping on a pallet is the only method of shipping we will ship these boards. FedEX and UPS are not recommended as they will damage the boards. Please call us when placing your order.

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