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Digital Movie Poster Board "Lite"

Display and play thru 1000's of only movie posters on our Movie Poster Board "Lite"

The original. The one that started it all. Now vastly improved. A simple solution for displaying only movie posters and static content. Hang it on the wall, plug it into power, and start enjoying 1000's of movie posters and various other static content auto-rotating in adjustable second increments. No extra wires to run. No PC sitting in another room. You can add more posters to the Digital Movie Poster Board Lite by purchasing content from our Store and easily transfer them from any networked PC to the board with drag-n-drop ease. Play back movie trailers streamed from YouTube with the correct movie poster automatically (experimental). Now you can add custom NOW PLAYING movie banners to the upper and lower screen and even customize the fonts and colors of the banner! View movie posters in off-line mode (no internet connection).  Control your board with the included WebApp control from any smartphone or tablet. All new poster editor lets you add meta data to each poster you import or let TMD automatically fill it in for you. Powerful tagging feature let's you tag each poster for incredible flexibility for playback. PLEX and Kodi movie poster sync (experimental) will now automatically pull up the correct movie poster to display from your movie library by simply choosing a movie to watch on your TV. Add the Kalaidescape plug-in for movie poster sync with Kalaidescape players (requires purchase of plug-in).

Auto-update feature keeps your software always current by checking for newer versions and automatically downloading and installing them.

NOTE: This is a pre-release version .7 that still has features to be added. Features are scheduled for 4 quarterly updates per year.

The specs:

  • All new version .7 early release software

  • NEW - User selectable upper and lower movie banners

  • NEW - KODI and PLEX poster sync ready (currently experimental)

  • NEW - Kalaidescape plug-in ready.

  • NEW - WebApp control on any smartphone or PC

  • NEW - Easily transfer movie posters from PC to board

  • NEW - play back locally stored movie posters

  • NEW - Play back movie trailers with movie poster (experimental)

  • NEW - Upload your own movie posters, artwork, family pictures

  • NEW - Built in movie poster editor

  • NEW - Powerful tagging feature

  • NEW - Customizable with your choice of movie banner colors

  • NEW - SONOS Now Playing screen for your SONOS music system. (TBA).

  • 4-core CPU with built in 128 gigs of storage. (Expandable).

  • 55" Samsung 4K LED panel

  • Real wood frame wrapped in a black or steel stainless finish

  • 16,000 color LED light strip mounted in aluminum chase and covered with a diffusser for a beautiful halo backlight effect

  • Includes wall mount


31.25" wide / 51.75" tall / 3.50" wall to front

55" Version: $2000.00

Comes with 128 gigs of on-board storage. Upgrade to 256 gigs for an additional $75.00


NOTE: Although the Digital Movie Poster Board "Lite" includes built in Wi-Fi we highly recommend a direct cable connection to your modem/router. We cannot guarantee that your wi-fi signal will work properly with our movie boards.

Frieght shipping on a pallet is the only method of shipping we will ship these boards. FedEX and UPS are not recommended as they will damage the boards. Shipping prices begin at $220.00 and can go up from there. Please call us when placing your order.

Movie Poster Board "Lite": Products
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