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Connecting your Movie Board to your Wi-Fi network


Initial boot up screen

Once your Movie Board is installed and powered ON you will see the start-up screen flash 2 times followed by a black screen, then an animated splash screen will play. After the initial bootup sequence you will see a movie poster on the screen with the INFO BAR on the lower part of the screen. After about 20 seconds the screen will change to the one pictured. Notice the IP address on the INFO BAR. This IP address means the Movie Board is NOT yet connected to your WI-Fi.

Open Your Phone's Wi-Fi Settings

On your phone or tablet ( Android or iOS ) go to your Wi-Fi connection settings and you will see that your phone is currently connected to your wi-fi network. If it is not then turn ON your phone's or tablet's wi-fi. Under AVAILABLE NETWORKS you will see a network called FRAME. Select FRAME to connect to.


Connecting to the Movie Board

Once you select FRAME your phone or tablet will attempt to connect to the Movie Board.


Connecting to the Movie Board

Once a connection is established you should see a message similar to the one shown telling you that there is NO INTERNET ACCESS. This is normal. Select CONNECT.

Connecting to the Movie Board

Your phone or tablet will now show you that your Movie Board is now connected to your phone or tablet. With your phone or tablet you can now scan the QR code on the Movie Boards INFO BAR on the lower part of the screen, or open a browser and in the address bar type in only the IP address shown on the Movie Board's INFO BAR.


Connecting to your wi-fi network

You will now see the screen shown. Choose your home
wi-fi network from the list.


Enter your wi-fi password

Enter the password to your wi-fi network and select CONNECT.

Attempting to connect

Your Movie Board is now attempting to connect to your wi-fi network. 
NOTE: You MUST have strong wi-fi signal in the location your Movie Board is in or the connection may fail. If the board refuses to make a connection then it is a sign that there is not enough signal strength in that spot. Either connect with a CAT6 cable to your router, or add a wi-fi signal booster in that room.


Connection established

Once a secure wi-fi connection has been establised you will notice the IP address on your Movie Board's INFO BAR has changed to a valid IP address from your network. It will be similar to the one shown in the picture. You can now scan the QR code with your phone or tablet, or manually enter the new IP address into your phone's or tablet's browser to pull up the WebApp.


The WebApp

In the HOME page of the WebApp you can toggle ON or OFF the INFO BAR, as well as select SHUFFLE for random playback of the media, and playback controls for PREVIOUS, PLAY/PAUSE, NEXT. There are also buttons for RESTART and SHUTDOWN. Please avoid using these  as they are for future use.

As easy as scanning the QR code

Once your board is mounted to the wall and all connections are made take out your phone or tablet and scan the QR code sticker on the front lower roght part of the frame. Follow the directions for connecting your board to your wi-fi network.

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