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Get to know your Ultimate Movie Board


The Ultimate Movie Board

The Ultimate Movie Board is the result of many years of design, build, testing, upgrades, and updates to achieve the world's only truely interactive movie board. Special hardware and software allows you to display movie posters, movie trailers, artwork, your own pictures and videos, as well as other content. It all starts with a Samsung 4K 55" TV (overkill, we know) for great picture quality and long reliability. We then add a real wood frame  - not a cheap plastic or foam frame, attached to the Samsung TV with 3D printed mounts that do not pierce the rear of the Samsung TV, and then attach our UMB Media Player to the rear using an ingeneous magnetic mounting system for easy removal. Then we wrap the rear of the frame with LED lights housed in aluminum tracks and then covered with a white diffuser to provide a nice warm backlight glow. An optional Hand Gesture sensor is added to the bottom of the frame for hand control of the media content.

The Optional Hand Gesture Sensor

This optional Hand Gesture controller is a great accessory to the Ultimate Movie Board. It allows control of certain functions all by just waving your hand in front of your Movie Board. Control NEXT, PREVIOUS, PAUSE, PLAY, INFO BAR ON, and INFO BAR OFF with a simple wave of your hand. The housing is a 3D printed piece with the electronics housed inside.


The UMB Media Player

This is where the magic happens. A low power consumption and very powerful mini computer with our own in-house developed Operating System makes this the most powerful and flexible movie board on the market. No other device or system even comes close to what the Ultimate Movie Board can do. The software is extremely flexible and can play a variety of formats, can connect to your wi-fi system to download content, can download content from our web store, is upgradeable, and so much more. You can even create your own folders in the system and drag and drop your own content easily and quickly from any PC on your network. Play movie trailers, movie posters, artwork, upload your own pictures and videos, control from your phone, tablet, or PC, and so much more. There simply is no better way to control and display your favorite content.

Know Your Movie Board: Customer Service

LED Lighting

The LED lighting system of the Ultimate Movie Board is something of a connundrum. Why spend so much on this lighting system when no one will ever see it since it's mounted on the back? The answer is easy.... we want the best of the best for your new Ultimate Movie Board. It's the little things that count. A 16 thousand color LED strip in mounted inside aluminum channels that are measured and cut for a great fit, then mounted to the rear of the wood frame, and lastly covered with a white diffuser for a pleasant glow around your movie board.

Putting It All Together

This isin't your typical DIY build, but niether is it a mass manufactured in China piece. It is a labor of love and every Movie Board is hand built for each individual client here in-house here in San Antonio, Texas. Over the years a lot of time, effort, money, and development went into (and still does) building the best movie board on the market. We take great pride in the work we do to build for you the best looking and performing movie board. This is something you will be proud to own and display in your home, theater room, man-cave, office, and more.


The Thin Wall Mount

With only 1" of depth this wall mount (comes standard with the Ultimate Movie Board) will place your movie board tight onto your wall for a very nice look.

Know Your Movie Board: Customer Service
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