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Digital Movie Boards llc aquisition of MovieNow Company

Digital Movie Boards llc has purchased and aquired all technology, name, software, etc from MovieNow on June 8, 2022. How does this aquisition affect owners of the MovieNow app and software? Read on.

DIgital Movie Boards llc is the premier builder of high-end luxury digital movie boards and software for personal and commercial home theater use. Over the last few years we have expanded our product range and plan to release more unique products in the coming months and years. We code our own software and this allows us to build unique features into our products and expand the user experience. This ensures a long life cycle to our movie boards. Since we are a real business and not someone working after hours and on off days from day jobs we can provide continuous support, updates, and feature additions in a fast and timely manner. By bringing onboard the very talented team of MovieNow developers and adding their experience to our team of software developers we feel we can create incredible products that will fit everybody's needs. Until now no single business took on the task of building, coding, and supporting this niche market and we all paid a small price by having software that stopped working, would not be updated, had no support or commitment. It has been frustrating to have a promising software only to have it marred by needing more user work. 

Enter Digital Movie Boards llc. Our goal is to provide to the consumer a wide range of options of all-in-one finished products and software that carry a full-time dedicated team of committed developers. From finished all-in-one solutions like our Ultimate Movie Boards to digital downloads of our software for the DIY enthusiasts. 

If you already have purchased, downloaded, and are using the MovieNow app rest assurred that development and support will continue.

This type of technology and company aquisition will take some time to be fully realized, but we are committed to continued support, development, and growth. 

Thank you

Digital Movie Boards llc

MovieNow Aquisition: About
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