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Accepting New Dealers

Interested In Joining Our Dealer Network?

If you're a home theater installation company then you know that a digital movie poster board is the most wanted item for a client's home cinema. The problem is there is literally no one that is building complete high-end digital movie boards. And the various DIY methods out there leave your awesome home theater room looking like...well looking like it was made DIY style. Not a good look to have when you just spent $1000's of dollars for the ultimate movie experience.
Enter Digital Movie Boards llc. The ONLY company that codes our own software in-house, builds the most insane hi-end polished movie poster boards, has complete support, and has the biggest, baddest selection of downloadable content to keep your Digital Movie Boards always looking new and fresh.
Still interested in standing out from the crowd? Email us and let's get you added to our nationwide and international dealer network.

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Digital Home Colorado is our new Authorized Digital Movie Boards Dealer

Digital Home Colorado is our newest authorized dealer for our movie boards. Based in Boulder County, Colorado these guys know hi-performance home cinema installations. If you're in Colorado and are looking for our Digital Movie Boards pay these guys a visit.

Welcome to the Digital Movie Boards family!!!

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Southern Smarthome is our new new Authorized Digital Movie Boards Dealer

For over 2 decades, Southern SmartHome has designed and installed Home Theater Systems to match the lifestyle of our clients. Now they will take the next step in providing the ultimate home cinema accessories to their clients as they have just joined the Digital Movie Boards authorized dealer network. Southern Smarthome provides top notch installations for home cinema, home audio, and smarthome electronics. Based in the Woodlands in Texas you can call them at 936-270-8201 for all your home cinema needs.

Welcome to the Digital Movie Boards family!!!

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K & W Audio is our new Authorized International Canadian Digital Movie Boards Dealer

Today we are extremely proud to have our first international dealer join the Digital Movie Boards family. K&W Audio is located in Calgary, Canada and is one of Canada's premier high-end home theater companies that carries high-end names like McIntosh, Kalaidescape, Bowers & Wilkins, Anthem, Meridian and more...... specifically Digital Movie Boards complete line of products. They will now be showcasing our Digital Movie Boards in their store, will stock the family line of digital movie boards, and will also be our International Canadian Dealer servicing all of Canada with our boards.
Welcome to the Digital Movie Board family K & W Audio.

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