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The most advanced (and coolest) Digital Movie Boards anywhere

How We Got Here

Since opening our doors in 2011, we have consistently provided our customers in San Antonio with the most advanced line of movie poster boards on the market. From our very early movie poster board back in 2011 to our current lineup of Movie Boards we have made incredible leaps in performance, looks, and software upgrades that we only dreamed of back then. Our Digital Movie Board line up, and our Ver. 7.0+ software app is a tour de force with an all new upgrade in 2023 that gives it features and performance that will give your Digital Movie Board years of useful life. 

Our sister company JD Smarthome started the first Digital Movie Poster Board in 2011 and it's success has been incredible. Since then the line up has expanded to include several new boards and accessories, new frame finishes, and even an all new custom written OS version 7.0+ software that gives the boards powerful features never seen before in any poster board. All the boards are built by hand in house in San Antonio, Texas to high end standards for a luxurious fit and finish. How high end? We start with a Samsung 55" 4K monitor for reliability and great visual quality. Then we add a hand made real wood frame with a black or silver stainless finish. We 3D print all frame mounts and hardware for a perfect and unique finish. The LED back lights are mounted in aluminum tracks and covered with a diffusser for a nice warm glow. We then add our custom in-house written OS version 7.0+ software to a new and extremely powerful DMP-02 media player that features an 8-core CPU with 16 gigs of RAM memory and a whopping 256 gigs of internal storage, along with a Mali dedicated graphics 2D and 3D video engine that is capable of outputting beautiful and vibrant 4K content. We know that most people will never see what goes into or even behind our movie boards, but no one ever looks inside a Rolex either. There are no cheap pieces anywhere on our boards. We want every movie board owner to be proud of his new product and want him to show it off to everyone for many years after the purchase.

If you’re looking for the widest range of Digital Movie Boards and Arcade Game Boards for your home theater, Digital Movie Boards llc has you covered. Stop by our store today to see our latest deals and see how we can assist you.

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